argumentative essay outline on bullying

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Bullying is a big problem for children and young people that go through it. It knocks their self-esteem and makes them lose their confidence, and can make them dread going to school each day. In extreme cases, young people can become suicidal as a result of bullying, while in other very serious cases, it can get out of
Bullies are insecure and also the environment there in affects them, so to make them fill superior, they bully others. I – Bully before vs. bully today. - Victims used to walk away or fight back. - Today, the attackers use the Internet (bring support of Pauline Wallin) PhD. - Parents teachers and the victim live is involve.
If you want to know how to compose an argumentative paper topic on bullying, be sure to read this article that povides you with some great ideas.
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